Advancing Health – Transforming Lives

Discover Wellness is a magazine-style TV Docu-Series that features healthcare practitioners, scientists, nutritionists, psychologists, wellness innovators and lifestyle professionals who cover an array of topics and offer their in-depth knowledge and insight into the health and wellness issues of the day. Discover Wellness is designed to empower people to restore their health and help others to help themselves. The shows provide critical resources and highly filtered expert advice to improve the decision-making power of individuals and small groups. 

Why We Do This

Why did we decide to create Discover Wellness? We looked out at the world we are now living in and became increasingly alarmed at the direction our health and wellness seem to be taking. The nutritional self-destruction, the deterioration of our health, the disintegration of so many families, the inexcusably rise of mental illness, the unchecked random violence facing us all – for these and many other reasons that will become apparent, this TV series was created. Neither of us could accept a passive role in the face of such momentous changes occurring in our society.


Journey to Wellness

Journey to Wellness is a free program developed by ITD International in cooperation with United States Online University (USOU). Everybody interested in overcoming health issues and getting well the natural way can participate in this life-changing learning experience. The program is free, because this is our contribution to national wellness and our way to giving back to the community. After restoring your health and rebalancing your life you may want to share your newly discovered wellness practices with your friends and become a Certified Wellness Coach. Wellness coaching is an important new career path for those who want to help others develop and sustain robust mental and physical health. As a Certified Wellness Coach you can help clients find the motivation and tools to reach their physical and emotional health goals and enrich their lives through innovative and effective professional development programs.

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