Transforming Lives

The Health & Wellness segment features healthcare practitioners, scientists, nutritionists, wellness innovators and lifestyle professionals who cover an array of topics and offer their in-depth knowledge and insight into the health and wellness issues of the day. It is designed to empower people to restore their health and help others to help themselves.

Why We Do This

Why did we decide to include one segment about Nutrition & Wellness? We looked out at the world we are now living in and became increasingly alarmed at the direction our health and wellness seem to be taking. The nutritional self-destruction and the deterioration of our health are the reasons why we created this segment. 


Journey to Wellness

Journey to Wellness is a complementary and free program developed by ITD International in cooperation with United States Online University (USOU). Everybody interested in overcoming health issues and getting well the natural way can participate in this life-changing learning experience. The program is free, because this is our contribution to national wellness and our way to giving back to the community. 

Visit the Journey to Wellness Program