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A few years ago we decided to produce a TV documentary about Mexico. As we arrived in Puerto Vallarta, we were deeply touched by the problems caused by the negative news about Mexico out of the USA, Canada and other parts of the world. Tourism had declined more than 70% because people were afraid to visit Mexico. Many businesses had to close and families suffered. This is why we started Discover Destinations: Mexico, a series of eight TV shows. 

The shows portray Mexico as it really is. We tried to correct the distorted picture the press is projecting about Mexico. Tourism bounced back lately because the public finally sees the reality behind the smokescreen. Mexico is a wonderful country with friendly people, great food and amazing places to discover. We did not have a single incident during all the time we traveled and filmed in Mexico. We felt very safe wherever we went. We hope we can say the same as we continue to produce Discover Destinations: USA.


Discover Destinations: USA



Discover Destinations: Mexico