Over the last ten years, Travel Secrets TV shows aired on Discovery, Travel Channel, FamilyNet TV and Uplift TV reaching over 70 million viewers. Now fewer people than ever are watching TV. A major propellant is time spent on smartphones and computers. Traditional TV viewership continues to fall among every major demographic between the ages of 2 and 49. According to Nielsen’s “Total Audience Report” Americans’ TV viewing habits have now fallen by 41.3% since 2012. More than half of US TV households now subscribe to Netflix, YouTube, Amazon, Hulu, Facebook and other live streaming social platforms.  This is why we no longer produce Travel Secrets shows for TV but embraced Social Media Platforms.

Social Media

TV Shows Are Moving Into Social Media Platforms, Because They Are The New Television. Audiences no longer have the attention span to sit through commercials and absorb long-form information. Our research shows that Social Media Platforms possess a unique advantage over traditional broadcast because they offer customized content based on a viewer’s location and interests. Video has taken over every Social Media Platform and has now become a staple of how people consume content online. Social Media is no longer just a Marketing Channel, it’s a Customer Experience Channel. We often hear from our clients that they don’t have the resources to produce quality content, but video doesn’t necessarily have to be expensive, it just has to connect with your audience. Video is a powerful medium that can help both showcase products/services and increase engagement. Consumers no longer want to just read about what a business is doing, but rather they want to see it in action. Travel Secrets TV can help your company to engage your costumers with content that is visually exciting, personalized and interesting to them.

Travel Secrets TV has a strong presence on social media. 

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The Production Company

ITD International is a full-service media and TV production company. Our team includes television professionals as well as educators, psychologists and marketing experts. ITD started in Germany in 1969  and expanded to the USA in 1989. ITD is also an internationally recognized HRD consulting firm with more than 2,000 clients worldwide that provides organizations with an extensive, integrated suite of services across all aspects of competency development, business analysis, innovation strategy, process improvement, organizational effectiveness, and simulation technology.

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