The Delivery Platforms

The Travel Secrets TV series aired on Discovery, the Travel Channel, FamilyNet TV,  and is now on air every Saturday at 10:00 pm (PT) on DIRECTV Channel 379 and Frontier Communications Channel 798 HD – Uplift TV with over 70 million viewers and growing. Travel Secrets TV also has a strong presence on social media. All past episodes and the latest news about the shows are available at:

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The TV Shows

Travel Secrets TV produces two powerful and engaging half-hour TV series.

Discover Destinations 
These shows inform and entertain by uncovering real travel secrets a destination has to offer. Show topics are adventure travel, outdoors, nature, wildlife, events, culture and history.

Discover Wellness 
These shows focus on the latest advances in nutrition, fitness, emotional well-being and new approaches to restore and maintain health through lifestyle changes and natural means. The goal of Discover Wellness is to provide individuals with science-based information and proven solutions about major health problems.

The Production Company

ITD International is a full-service media and TV production company. Our team includes television professionals as well as educators, psychologists and marketing experts. ITD started in Germany in 1969  and expanded to the USA in 1989. ITD is also an internationally recognized HRD consulting firm with more than 2,000 clients worldwide that provides organizations with an extensive, integrated suite of services across all aspects of competency development, business analysis, innovation strategy, process improvement, organizational effectiveness, and simulation technology.

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