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What We Do

Travel Secrets Television is not just another travel show. We don’t feed you the usual “junk food” served by so many broadcasters. Our reporting is a well-balanced media diet, dedicated to the reporting of positive developments. We want to inspire and empower our viewers to get the most out of their travel experiences.

By uncovering real travel secrets a destination has to offer, we would like to direct your attention to everyday people, doing amazing things in their communities, in business, in their homes, in charities and the environment. Most go unrecognized. We want to share their achievements, their kindness and their positive, inspirational stories with you. We want to spark a movement that transforms us into “Kindness Warriors”.

A lot of people tell us constantly that only bad news sell. We know from experience as TV journalists that this is the current reality. But together we can stem the flood of bad news. Positive news itself is not in short supply; the broadcasting of it is. We are convinced we can build a community of people enthused by the new way of traveling we call: “Purpose-Driven Travel” or “Impact Travel”.

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