Discover Destinations

Tour a city. Meet the people. Hear the stories. Feel the impact. Every destination has secrets that uniquely reflect its essence. Each episode of Discover Destinations explores in-depth the mysterious, the secret, the exciting and the human elements inherent in each region. The series reveals fascinating places, characters and stories that are anything but ordinary. This true-life documentary series with an attitude, insightful reporting and interviews gives viewers an overview of the rich history that exists behind and beneath every city or region. Discover Destinations leads viewers on journeys to interesting locations with the goal of filling in important travel information and the missing link between cultures for the conscientious traveler.


Discover Wellness

In this TV series we separate fads, myth and gimmicks from cutting-edge science and proven practices. This empowers you to break free from the influence of Big Food, Big Pharma and Traditional Medicine. These shows explore what a city or region contributes to the health and wellness of its people. We interview healthcare practitioners, fitness experts, organic farmers and restaurants, nutritionists, psychologists, researchers and wellness innovators to discover cutting-edge practices for well-being. As investigative TV journalists we would like to direct your attention to extraordinary people, doing amazing things in research and practice to improve our health and quality of life. We want to spark a movement that transforms us into “Health Warriors”.